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The Balcony

The Balcony is pleased to present


20.12.2001 – 01.02.2002

Hlynur Hallsson warms the dark season with an optimistic and timely homage to the most fundamental of affirmative annunciations: yes
Assertive and resigned in equal measure, the work lands on the balcony in four languages, three colors, and at least a couple of comparisons.

Hlynur Hallsson is an Icelander who divides his time between Akuyeri and Hannover. His work has been shown extensively in major galleries and museums in Europe and Scandanavia. We are honored to be hosting his Canadian debut.

The Balcony thanks everyone for their participation in 2001; and sends out a warm welcome to Yoko Ono and her retrospective "Yes" opening February 2002 at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.


The work is on view 24 -7 in Kensington Market, Toronto and at:


183A Augusta Ave
Toronto, Canada
M5T 2L4
(01) 416 205 9665
email: carls@idirect.com